I am a highly experienced Executive Assistant, with 20+ years' experience providing executive support in a wide variety of sectors, including the building industry, recruitment, not-for-profit and finance. Moving to Australia in 2000 with my young family, I discovered firsthand the difficulties of integrating and breaking through in a new culture and marketplace. This life changing move gave me the understanding that no amount of research, determination and organisation can replace local knowledge. After spending some time in California, U.S., I realised the need for local executive support for businesses looking to expand or start up internationally or in Australia’s growing market.



Austral EA Solutions operates nationwide and internationally through access to offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, as well as internationally in London, Los Angeles and Stockholm. This gives us the ability to travel internationally to approach and communicate with potential clients and do one-on-one consultations.


We understand that starting up a new business internationally has many challenges, which is why Austral EA Solutions was founded. We are here to act as a resource and right hand to top executives to achieve corporate success, and we are constantly working on extending our network. This gives us the flexibility to find the best solutions for you.


Our extensive knowledge and great connections is the glue that holds the pieces together and will save you time in finding a new network to build from.

We also support you in sorting out the proper procedures and paperwork quickly, so all the correct forms and regulations are followed when starting up your business in Australia.


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